Top 5 Cougar Dating App Reviews In The Google Play In 2018

Cougar dating has been catching up in popularity these days. There are so many of us who work day in and day out and so we ultimately like to relax at the end of a long day. So, if you too are looking to ignite the spark in your life, it is cougar dating that might help young men find solace in some gorgeous experienced older women.
This is precisely the logic behind cougar dating as too many young chaps and even old women are seeking such bond. So, you can find a massive surge in the number of cougar dating apps that have come up. Based on the reviews in the Google play store, we are going to talk of 5 of the top cougar dating apps and you can then decide the one you would like to log on to. If you’re using iPhone, you can also read the reviews of top 5 cougar dating app in App Store.

Top 1: Older women dating

older women dating app
One of the ace websites when it comes to cougar dating, this app definitely enjoys a lot of popularity. It has a lot of active members which means that it offers improved chances of finding the right prospective date.
You can avail the free or even the premium membership as well. The signup process can be a bit long but it is easy to follow. The details are needed to ensure that the members are legit or else it would defeat the whole logic behind the dating process.
The members have the option of adding pictures along with their profile which makes it a lot easier to decide whether you would like to have a potential match. There are quite a handful of people who have managed to secure their dates with the help of the app.
Easy to use and with the right search and filter options, the app definitely is one of the trendy choices for anyone who wants to try their hand at cougar dating.
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Top 2:Cougar life

cougar life app
The next app up for our consideration has to be cougar life. Founded back in 2006, it too has managed to climb the popularity charts quite well. The app is very well designed and you can also see who has viewed your profile as well. This is a great feature because many a times it helps people in spotting those who may be interested in them and speeds up the dating process. Further, there is also the option of finding who is interested in meeting tonight which is great for those who are looking for a quick hook up.
However, the site requires no ID proof for signing which means that you may run into a lot of fake profiles too. Further, it runs on a credit based system and almost all features would require a credit of some sorts which ends up making this app a little costlier to use. But it does have great success stories to share.

Top 3: OGOCougar

OGOCougar is mostly a like and match app and it is quite popular among a lot of people who love the concept of online dating.
It gives you the option of seeing through the profiles of the members of the site and you can even take a look at their profile pictures as well. Not only this, it also brings back the old chat room concept alive too and you can strike conversion with a potential date and see how it goes.
One of the attractive features of the app has to be the like book and this is a great way to spot someone’s love interests. It is also an exciting way to have some rocking fun. If you would like to enjoy the most of it and make full use of the app, we surely recommend going for the premium membership,

Top 4: CougarDatingHookup

cougar dating hookup
Known to be one of the feature rich apps, it comes with too many options even for those with free account as well. It is a lot more MILF friendly as compared to other rival apps. It was founded back in the year 2005 and it makes it a point to have older women unlike other sites which ends up having too many younger women.
However, the design of the site looks a bit old and needs omen updating at the earliest. The load time is also slow, but you have features like personalized flirts, rapid match and match if she is interested. These are all innovative features which have the users hooked. It is believed that there are as many as 1 million members on the site and you can find who is online to improve your chances of finding a date for the night.

Top 5: CougarDating

cougar dating
For all the cougar dating lovers out there, this is another app which comes replete with the best set of features. With a good free membership plan, you can have access to a lot of useful features.
It too has a lot of positive stories regarding how people managed to find their best date. You can see through the profile of different people and arrange a date after having a conversation. Of course, like most other apps, you have the premium membership plan if you want to access all the advanced features too.
So, these are some of the best cougar dating sites which can help you have the right kind of fun and younger men can find older women who look like a best match to them.
Based on the features and the details offered, you can decide which of the apps you would like to install and try your luck at. We hope you are successful in your quest of finding an apt match!

Top 5 Cougar Dating APP Reviews In App Store In 2018

Cougar dating is very popular these days and you can find too many people engaging in it. Of course, those who want to engage in cougar dating need to know some of the best sites which allow you to get the most out of cougar dating. While there are a handful of sites, it is knowing the reviews of the top cougar dating apps which will give you a head start into spotting the best one.

Here, we are going to review 5 of the best cougar dating apps and help you spot the ones which seem to be best suited to your need. However, before we do so, let us have a brief overview of what cougar dating is all about.

Cougar dating is primarily the art of dating wherein an older woman dates a younger man. There may or may not be some monetary benefits involved. Cougar dating with monetary benefits would make the woman sugar mommy.

So, what are the best apps for you to try your hands at cougar dating?

Top 1: Older Women Dating

older women dating app

This is a very old and popular app. It is under the ownership of succesfulMatch which in turn has been in the field of online dating for nearly 14 years and more.  This site enjoys a good amount of visitors and has a lot of popularity as well. Let us see some of the salient features of this dating site.

The sign-up process
The sign-up process is quite simple and sans any hassles, you can get on board in no time. They do require a handful of details but this is to validate your identity and make sure that the platform has legit members.

Quick searches
Even with the free membership plan, you get the option of quick search as you can look for the cougars near you. There are a lot of filters which you can use and you can even send winks to other profiles and you have the option of replying to emails too.

You have the option of adding pictures as this helps in being sure about who should date whom. It is pictures that help us in judging the personality of a person when dating online.

So, with these many features and more advanced features upon availing a membership, the app surely is a good choice for too many of us who want to indulge in cougar dating.
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Top 2: Cougar Life

cougar life app

Founded back in the year 2006, Cougar Life is a very popular choice among cougar dating enthusiasts. It does have the provision of the free membership but the membership comes with very limited features. The site is designed on the basis of credits which have to be purchased. Almost all features like interacting with others and even sending gift would require you to use the credits.

One of the standout features has to be the ‘find a date tonight’ button which helps you in spotting a cougar right away to have a good fun filled night. Also, it gives you a real-time notification when someone views your profile. This too can help in spotting someone who might be interested in you.

The downside, however, is that the site has no ID verification in place which means you might meet a lot of impostors here and the cost too is on the higher side.


cougary appAnother popular app, Cougar too comes packed with a lot of features. It isn’t as popular as the above two, but it is used by quite a handful of people in order to find the right match. With this app, you can easily sign up, add your details and get on board. The process isn’t tedious and even without the free membership; you will have access to some of the basic features too.
This app enjoys popularity for helping a lot of people spot the perfect date and have a good time together. Even the play store has positive reviews for it but then again, the extra cost which will be entailed can be quite a disadvantage.

So, you do have better options than this app as it seems to have lost its zing in recent times.

Cougar D

cougard appThis is a serious dating club which shows a lot of logged in users quite frequently.  It makes use of location-based technology and it also comes with the quick match feature as well. This helps in improving the chances of meeting someone in a very short while and having some quick fun.
VIP embers that are willing to pay a little money can enjoy better features and they can chat with the new matches without any kinds of restrictions whatsoever.  Further, there is also the option of viewing pictures and moments of other people and one can share their dating experience and get more likes too.

Overall, it is a great app which is ideal for anyone who is looking to be a part of the cougar dating experience.


i am naughty appBasically a like and match app, this app enjoys amazing popularity among a few segments of users. It is targeted mainly towards the broader base of singles who are looking to find a quick date.
It helps users in seeing through the different profiles and checking out their pictures, one can make a lot of new connections and there is also the option of joining chat rooms and starting a conversation too. The like book is a wonderful way to spot one’s love interests and indulge in some fun.

Of course, like most dating apps, those with the full membership option will get to enjoy a lot of advanced features too which includes sending mega likes to get enhanced attention and even watching the videos of other members and sharing pictures as well.

So, overall it is definitely an engaging way of finding a prospective date.

These are 5 of the top cougar dating apps that have managed to hog the limelight. Based on the reviews and the details you can decide as to which one seems to be your top pick.

Older Women Dating Review

#2 Older Women Dating

older women dating review

No.2 Cougar Dating Site: Older Women Dating

visit cougar site

Why is is a high quality cougar dating site from SuccessfulMatch which has been in the online dating business for over 14 years! OlderWomenDating is No.2 cougar dating sites because of its awesome site features, selective thousands of quality profiles and responsive customer service. Cougar dating has been in trend for quite some time now. You can find a lot of sites that allow cougar women to find hot young boys whom they can date. If you too are on the lookout for such sites where you can find hot cougars or mature women could look for young boys, Older Women Dating is definitely one of the right choices.

This company have a positive and long history when it comes to online dating and they do have a good record. The site is nicely designed and come with good set of promising features and has a lot of success stories to its name too. The site prides itself on the privacy protection it has in place.

Older Women Dating Features

When you are registering at Older Women Dating, you can enjoy a string of features. Here are some of them.

Easy signup

When you register at Older Women Dating, you can have a quick signup process. While the signup process isn’t the simplest you will find and there are quite a lot of details which you need to fill in, but overall, the ease of signing up is quite good. Make sure to add in the right particulars and you will be all set to get started in no time.

Privacy protection

A lot of people are skeptical of the type of privacy protection which they have. It is important to be sure that your privacy is protected and the data is not sold to outside third parties. Older Women Dating is one such site that is known for sticking to its goal of offering the right privacy protection. They make it a point to not to sell or disclose any of your personal identifiable information to unauthorized third parties.

Quick searches

Even with your free membership, you can easily search the cougars or even hot and young boys based upon what you are looking for. There is a provision to search people by location. Apart from this, you can also send winks to other profiles and even reply to the emails as well. Further, feel free to make a list of your favorite profile so that you can easily go through them. This filtering helps in efficient short listing of potential dates.

Pictures surfing

Even when you have a free membership, you are free to add pictures. You can add as many as 26 photos in your profile. There are a lot of sites which do not allow you to put pictures unless you are a paid member. Older Women Dating is not so. It allows you to post a lot of pictures and this helps in finding the right cougars or hot boys much more easily.

Advanced features are impressive

Not only this, the list of advanced features are quite impressive too. Those who have a paid membership plan, they can also get an account manager who can offer advice and tips on how to make the most of the site. Apart from this, there are plenty of other features which the premium members can avail in order to make the most out of cougar dating. Members can initiate conversation with each other and try if they are a good match and can thereby take things forward.

These are some of the key features which Older Women Dating has to offer. This is one of the reputed sites which have a proven track record.

Older Women Dating Membership

Older Women Dating allows you to access the site lifelong for free. It is not mandatory to opt for the paid membership. However, in order to unlock a few options, it is important to opt for an upgrade.

The monthly cost is $29.95. Opting for a three month membership plan is $59.95 and the fee for 6 months is $95.95. Those who are looking for a plan in the long run should choose the six month membership plan as it will allow them to make substantial savings.

How Older Women Dating works?

If you are looking to score a date with the help of Older Women Dating, here are the steps which you need to follow.

  • 1.Getting started: The first thing to do is to get your profile up and running. You need to get started. Initially, you can choose to opt for a free membership as it will help you gauge how effective the site is. As Older Women Dating offers you ample features for free membership, it is good enough to get you started.
  • 2.Fill in the particulars: you need to be sure that you are filling in the right particulars because how will you date someone if the particulars are not right. Sooner or later, people will come to know about it.
  • 3.Search: it is also important to ensure that you are carrying out the right search. If you have a paid membership, you can initiate a conversation. If not, make a list of favorites and send in winks to the profiles of people who interest you. This will help you find the perfect person.
  • 4.Once the other person also expresses interest, make it a point to take the date forward.

Older Women Dating App

OlderWomenDating also has the integrated mobile iOS and Android app which help those who are on the go to stay connected on smart phone. You can use all website features on those app and it can make you connected with your cougar or cub all the time.

Older Women Dating iOS App

older women dating app

older women dating app

older women dating app

older women dating app ios

Older Women Dating Android App

older women dating android app

Older Women Dating – hot cougar personals community!

Older Women Dating is the quality cougar dating site for older women and younger men looking for fun and love around the world.

The Cougar Dating App provides customized cougar dating features.
– Cougar searches
– Verified Photo / Age / Education
– Check emails and winks from other members
– View who is interested in me, winked at me and viewed me.
And more!

OlderWomenDating have multiple subscription options to choose from – starting as low as $33.99/month:
Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of one-month period.
Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period.

Editor reviews

Older Women Dating is one of the top sites. The design is simple but it could have been better. One of the key points which makes this site a good choice has to be the privacy protection which is in place. The overall maintenance of the site is quite good and the support staffs are top notch. offers the photo verification to make sure that you can meet real people in your area. There is no background verification which is carried out which is why you may have a few spam profiles on some other websites. The overall response for the site is fairly positive and it is a high quality dating central for those who want to make the most out of cougar dating in an apt manner.

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