Myths About Cougar Dating

Cougar dating is definitely the popular dating choice these days. A lot of men are looking to date older women because it gives them an extra thrill. However, along with the added popularity, there are also too many myths associated with it as well. Here we are going to bust some myth when it comes to cougar dating and give you a better picture about the dating scenario.

A young man and a cougar fall in live with each other.

Cougars are predators

A lot of people have very terrible mindset about cougars. They believe that cougars are predators out there to hunt for younger men and they are looking to satiate their lust. However, one needs to understand that this shouldn’t be the generalized option. There are so many cougars that simply are looking to keep things lively and are looking for a more active dating partner. You will find a lot of regular women as cougars. So, stop this negative mindset about cougars right away.

Besides, cougar dating is usually a way for young guys getting involved in romance with a mature lady who might wish for a simple, intimate liaison often devoid of the dramatic or even ethnic dilemma connected, and it comes with its own advantages.

It has no relation base

The advantages of dating a cougar are best for the young guy since he can learn as well as improve the art of pleasing women. Cougar singles would be direct as well as up-front regarding what they desire from the young guys; more so, how they wish the young guy to conduct himself; thus making the young man know how to be romantic to his future wife in case he decides to marry.

If you are fortunate, your cougar dating endeavours might help you hook up with a well-off cougar who could genuinely care for you. They might purchase outfits for you, take you to cinema shows or festivals or maybe shower you with presents. It is perfect for a cougar in a dating relationship!

The Cougar Women Are Hostile

Frequently it is the young person who may have her in his sights, desire her for an affair as well as actively pursue her. Often it is seen that it is the young guy who makes an extra pitch to assist the single boomer lady in overcoming her prejudices, choices, as well as values. Usually, the older women won’t date him until he initially shows the earnestness of his affectionate desire for her.

The Younger Man might Inevitably Cheat

Absolutely false, it’s cougar dating myth, to think of unfaithfulness as a practice. Cheating has absolutely nothing to do with the couple’s age, social level or perhaps the level of attraction to one another. Infidelity is dependent on trust, or maybe lack of it.

Of course we all understand, value has absolutely nothing to do with age. Whenever a young guy cheats on his mature cougar darling, the age is rarely the cause. The young man cheats because he is inclined to do so. He could cheat on a lady his age likewise. That said, older women are sexually experienced contrary to young men; thus satisfaction guaranteed!

Young men only want one thing

The love chemistry which might exist between young men, and their older women lovers, may not be disputed. Even so, the fact remains, a lot of young men who go after old women are not only searching for a one night stand or even holiday fling. Reality has it that most of the young men are looking for long-lasting love affair with their older partners.

The young man and her cougar relationships are too short-term

The affair isn’t only Saturday and Sunday or even 30 day’s flinglettes. Lots of the old women and young Guys and Cougar are seeking a long-lasting Cougar Dating affair. More so, some young men get lifetime lovers or even get married to their older partner.

Will the young man and her cougar go apart when they young man grows old, and the cougar is past mid-age?

Absolutely no, it is a pure myth. Men have been in the company of old women, their kid sitter, mother’s best buddy, as well as well-liked actresses, two times how old they are. If you think that all the young men are in their 20s then you are wrong.

There might be absolutely a lot more regarding cougar dating contrary to what meets the eye. Try for yourself and experience the foray of rewards that come with your “cougar” relationship.

Will a young man not get attracted to a young girl?

That isn’t true. The young men find young girls shallow, calculative as well as egoistic. They are more attracted to a cougar date because these old ladies are mature, free-spirited, and more so confident.

Cougars and young men have no common interest

Stating that age bracket restricts interests is a stupidity. There are several young people around who adore the track of the old song, even though many old women love Celine Dion’s tracks. And the strategy behind it is developing a pattern of the Net. The Web enables folks of any age to discover new things as well as different.

Furthermore, having various interests as well as experiences is not a hurdle to cougars dating affair. Alternatively, this could act as a catalyst to have a long time affair. Whenever there is a gap between their worldview, they might try and close the disparity by applying something new. It may ultimately add spice to their affair.

As a result, the next time when you take a seat in front of a zero cost cougar dating site in Australia or worldwide, be able to locate cougars with similar music preference or even somebody as daring as you.

cougar meeting


Young men are interested in cougars or cougar dating because there is no prerequisite for loyalty to an everlasting affair or even pressure from their older woman to marry her. Along with the intimate awakening that a cougar might induce, the young man might benefit from her dignity, psyche and logic as well.

How to date a cougar successfully

Because of the age difference, it can be really hard and frustrating to date a cougar, if you don’t know all the important tips about dating a cougar successfully. There’s so many tips and tricks online that you can follow to meet a cougar, however, not every one of them are really going to help you to be able to take your cougar on a date and to make sure that you’re going to have a second date with her. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember when you want to find a cougar successfully and be able to take her on a second date.

Successful Cougar Dating Tips for Older Women Younger Men

1.Having good conversations with cougar

cougar dateThe first thing that you should know, is that you should make sure that you’re having a good conversation with those older women. And, with a good conversation, we don’t mean that you should talk just about you, throughout the night.

Make sure that you’re aware of her interests and making sure that you know what the cougar woman likes to talk about. Because the age difference is so huge, it can be a daunting task to make sure that you’re having a good, and successful conversation with her. This is the one of the most important things to make sure that she will go out with you again. By talking just about yourself, and what you’re good at, is going to drive her away from you, and you will most definitely don’t have a second date with the cougar lady.

2.Don’t break any promises that you’re making

If you’re making any promises with the mature woman, don’t ever break that promise. This isn’t just a tip for dating a cougar. This is also a tip for every man that is dating a woman. No women want to have a man that is breaking any promises. No matter how small the promise might be.

Even, if you have made a date with your cougar, and your friends are inviting you to the best, and hottest party of the year. The moment that you’re going to break your promise, she will see that you’re not reliable and she will not want to date someone that can’t keep his word. Many men are forgetting what making a promise really means.

3.Be confident and be yourself

It is also very important to make sure that you are who you are. Don’t try to be someone that you really don’t is. You will not be able to keep it up in being somebody else.

It might just impress her, the first time, but the moment that you show that you aren’t the person you pretend to be, you are going to lose her, forever. Pretending to be someone else means that you are actually a liar.

Dating a cougar can be really nice and can be exciting. However, if you’re looking for someone that you can spend the rest of your life with, or even if you just want to have a good time, then you should remember these important tips. Dating a cougar is different from dating a woman your own age, and you should make sure that you’re treating her right.

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