Cougar Friends Date Review

#3 Cougar Friends Date

cougar friends date review

No.3 Cougar Dating Site: Cougar Friends Date

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Why is

Cougar Friends Date is one of the popular websites where you can find a great deal of cougar women who are looking for hotter and younger men to date. It advertised as the totally free cougar dating websites, but it’s not really true. You can also try the cougar website CougarFriendsDate because there are some awesome features. The site has managed to get itself listed as one of the premier choices when it comes to cougar dating. The response which it has received and the features that it offers are quite impressive to say the least. There are a lot of people who have been opting for this site as there are innumerable success stories related to it.

All those who are interested in trying out the realms of cougar dating should make it a point to explore this site as it will definitely maximize their chance of finding a good cougar date. Let us make you familiar with the features which this site offers.

Cougar Friends Date Features

Completely free

Cougar Friends Date is absolutely free of cost. There are so many cougar dating sites, but almost all of them will need you to sign up for a membership plan which comes with a premium fee. However, Cougar Friends Date is not so as it is a completely free site. There are no hidden charges or costs and you can find the perfect older woman or even women can get a hot guy without having to burn a big hole in their pocket. So, you do not have anything to lose, right? What is the harm in trying out your luck?

Quick search

When you are looking to register on a dating site, one of the first things which people look for has to be the searching options. At Cougar Friends Date, you will get some of the best searching options which makes it a lot easier for people to find their date. You can choose location, age or any other filter which you deem appropriate and then look for the best possible matches in and around you.

Video chatting

Video chatting for cougars and cubs is one of the preferred features in online dating because it allows you to actually see a person and find out if the two of you seem to be well matched and blend thoroughly or not. Cougar Friends Date is one such site which offers you video chatting provision for free. This is one of the stupendous features which attract too many cougars and young men to the site. When you are looking to try your luck at cougar dating, the provision of video chatting is surely going to help you considerably.

Favorites list

You can make your own favourite list based upon the people you like the most. This list is an excellent way of sorting your preferences and finding out who seems to be apt for your use. With so many prospective matches out there, having a favourite list is an easy way to filter your choices and then try and see who seems to be the best cougar date.

Cougar Friends Date Membership

As the site is free of cost and anyone can access it, you don’t really need to pay. However, the site does have a premium membership plan and the rates are as follow.

  • membership of one month will cost you $24.99
  • Membership fee for 3 months will cost you $50
  • Membership fee for 6 months will cost you $90

How it works?

If you are wondering as to how the Cougar Friends Date website works, here are the simple steps which you need to follow.

  • 1.Get your profile up and running. The very first step is to fill out your profile and add in the right particulars. The kind of details which you add on your profile is important as it helps in finding the right cougar dates. You should try and add authentic information to your profile so that you will have a higher chance of finding the best older women and younger men that you can date.
  • 2.Start searching the site to find out the right date. It is extremely important to use the right filters for the sake of finding good searches. There are various filters which you can use and so you should make it a point to use the best filters for the sake of exploring the profiles.
  • 3.Favourite the profiles which you like and you can even send winks to the ones you are interested in initiating a conversation with. Once you receive a response back, the next thing which you need to do is engage in a chat.
  • 4.Cougar Friends Date offers you the provision of free video chat. You can start a video chat and then see how well the date goes and if the chemistry is tantalizing enough to take things to the next level.
  • 5.Arrange a follow up date and try your luck.

Cougar Friends Date App

There are no android or iOS apps available for Cougar Friends Date. However, they have a mobile optimized version which helps in easy use of the website features even when you are accessing it from your mobile.

Editors’ reviews

Overall, Cougar Friends Date seems to have a great and engaging interface. The high member count makes it a lot easier to actually find a cougar or even young hot guys. The support staff is responsive and they will be quick to assist you.

There are people who have actually managed to find their true love at these sites. So, it is a good site to give a try and see how it goes. There are ample positive reviews for the site which is a proof of how reliable the site truly is. A lot of new member choose to sign up here and the free features make it one of the popular choices.

Those who are interested in cougar dating can definitely give this site a shot and the odds of finding an apt date is likely to be a lot higher too. Make sure to enjoy the best search results by putting in the right filters when looking for your date.

Cougared Review

#5:  Cougared


No.5 Cougar Site: Cougared

visit cougar site review is one of the greatest cougar dating sites that you can use. And, the best part, is that you don’t need to pay anything to be able to use the complete website. This website is for those who are looking for older women, or those who are looking for younger man. Both, will be able to find their potential casual friends, partners or even soulmates here.

There are many people using the older women dating website,, and that has active profiles on this site. If you are seeking an older woman or even a younger man, then you will have thousands of mature singles that you can find on this site.

Those who are still searching for their soulmate, or those who just want to chat to other people, and who don’t want to date people at the same age as them, must use the online mature dating website,

Cougared Membership

With there isn’t a full membership fee, or even a golden membership that you need to pay. The moment that you’re finished with your profile, you can start browsing, through the profiles and sending winks to them is asking to be friends. There’s completely no hidden cost with this free cougar website. This is why this Cougared, is so great for everyone to use, no matter where you might be living.

There’s really not much online cougar dating sites, where you don’t have to pay any membership fees to be able to look for and send messages to other profiles that you like. is completely free without any fees, for as long as you’re utilizing the site.

How Cougared Works

Using, isn’t hard and complicated as some of the other cougar dating sites. You can sign up and create your profile, without any problems at all and in no time. In just a couple of steps, you will be ready to chat to your potential partners or dates.

The first step is to sign up and give all your correct information to the site. the wrong information, you can get in serious trouble. The sign up process is easy and all that you need to be doing is to follow the step by step instructions. The second step is to create your profile as thorough as possible. This is with creating the profile where you are going to add your hobbies and your preferences. Meaning what you like and what you don’t like. You need to include a great quality picture of yourself, it really needs a great quality photo of you recently. The third step is to begin by browsing through the profiles and send messages to the profiles that you like.

Cougared Features

There’s many great features that are essential, that you can find on The one thing that makes this site the most popular that other sites don’t have, is the features that this great cougar dating site has, that other sites have to offer.

When using, you can send instant messages and winks to the people that you think that might be a great match for you. Instant messages are easier and more convenient to utilize, than to talk to people and sending emails to them.

You will also be able see who is currently online and ready to chat with your sexy cougars or hot cubs, and who is not currently online. This makes chatting so much better, because you can see who is frequently online. You can also block someone that you don’t want to chat with, no matter what the reason. This can get frustrating, when you’re getting messages from someone that you don’t think is a match for you, and that you don’t like to chat with. And sometimes they don’t get the message that you’re not interested. Then, you can just block them from sending any more messages.

Another essential feature that makes this site so much better than other sites, is you don’t have to be a paid member to be able to contact mature singles that have profiles. This site is completely free without any hidden costs.

Editor Reviews

When you look through the reviews of, you will notice something that you will not see at any other cougar dating websites on the Internet. The site is completely free without any memberships. You don’t have to pay any fee to search and send messages to profiles. No hidden costs what so ever.

There’s no need to stress about your information leaking out to hackers and other internet thieves. All your personal information that you inserted in this online cougar club, will be kept private and secure. There’s no third party that can use your information or even steal your personal information.

Because, of the fact that so many people all over the world are using, you will have an easier and faster way of finding your match or just have more opportunity to chat to as many people as possible. With the deep search, you will be able to meet compatible older women or younger men much easier and faster.

There’s so many other cougar online dating sites that you can find hot cougar women, all over the world. But, it is tough to decide which of these cougars dating sites are trustworthy and legit. You don’t want to use a site that isn’t trustworthy and legit. is one of the top and most trustworthy online dating sites that you can meet older women, and where you don’t have to pay any fees to make use of the full features of the site.

Signing up and creating your profile doesn’t take that long and you can start browsing for potential cougar dates or just chatting to singles, immediately. The whole process is easy and you don’t have to be an expert to understand how to use this site correctly. If you’re dating a cougar, or if you’re a cougar that is looking for a younger man, then is the one free cougar dating site that you can use without any risks.