Myths About Cougar Dating

Cougar dating is definitely the popular dating choice these days. A lot of men are looking to date older women because it gives them an extra thrill. However, along with the added popularity, there are also too many myths associated with it as well. Here we are going to bust some myth when it comes to cougar dating and give you a better picture about the dating scenario.

A young man and a cougar fall in live with each other.

Cougars are predators

A lot of people have very terrible mindset about cougars. They believe that cougars are predators out there to hunt for younger men and they are looking to satiate their lust. However, one needs to understand that this shouldn’t be the generalized option. There are so many cougars that simply are looking to keep things lively and are looking for a more active dating partner. You will find a lot of regular women as cougars. So, stop this negative mindset about cougars right away.

Besides, cougar dating is usually a way for young guys getting involved in romance with a mature lady who might wish for a simple, intimate liaison often devoid of the dramatic or even ethnic dilemma connected, and it comes with its own advantages.

It has no relation base

The advantages of dating a cougar are best for the young guy since he can learn as well as improve the art of pleasing women. Cougar singles would be direct as well as up-front regarding what they desire from the young guys; more so, how they wish the young guy to conduct himself; thus making the young man know how to be romantic to his future wife in case he decides to marry.

If you are fortunate, your cougar dating endeavours might help you hook up with a well-off cougar who could genuinely care for you. They might purchase outfits for you, take you to cinema shows or festivals or maybe shower you with presents. It is perfect for a cougar in a dating relationship!

The Cougar Women Are Hostile

Frequently it is the young person who may have her in his sights, desire her for an affair as well as actively pursue her. Often it is seen that it is the young guy who makes an extra pitch to assist the single boomer lady in overcoming her prejudices, choices, as well as values. Usually, the older women won’t date him until he initially shows the earnestness of his affectionate desire for her.

The Younger Man might Inevitably Cheat

Absolutely false, it’s cougar dating myth, to think of unfaithfulness as a practice. Cheating has absolutely nothing to do with the couple’s age, social level or perhaps the level of attraction to one another. Infidelity is dependent on trust, or maybe lack of it.

Of course we all understand, value has absolutely nothing to do with age. Whenever a young guy cheats on his mature cougar darling, the age is rarely the cause. The young man cheats because he is inclined to do so. He could cheat on a lady his age likewise. That said, older women are sexually experienced contrary to young men; thus satisfaction guaranteed!

Young men only want one thing

The love chemistry which might exist between young men, and their older women lovers, may not be disputed. Even so, the fact remains, a lot of young men who go after old women are not only searching for a one night stand or even holiday fling. Reality has it that most of the young men are looking for long-lasting love affair with their older partners.

The young man and her cougar relationships are too short-term

The affair isn’t only Saturday and Sunday or even 30 day’s flinglettes. Lots of the old women and young Guys and Cougar are seeking a long-lasting Cougar Dating affair. More so, some young men get lifetime lovers or even get married to their older partner.

Will the young man and her cougar go apart when they young man grows old, and the cougar is past mid-age?

Absolutely no, it is a pure myth. Men have been in the company of old women, their kid sitter, mother’s best buddy, as well as well-liked actresses, two times how old they are. If you think that all the young men are in their 20s then you are wrong.

There might be absolutely a lot more regarding cougar dating contrary to what meets the eye. Try for yourself and experience the foray of rewards that come with your “cougar” relationship.

Will a young man not get attracted to a young girl?

That isn’t true. The young men find young girls shallow, calculative as well as egoistic. They are more attracted to a cougar date because these old ladies are mature, free-spirited, and more so confident.

Cougars and young men have no common interest

Stating that age bracket restricts interests is a stupidity. There are several young people around who adore the track of the old song, even though many old women love Celine Dion’s tracks. And the strategy behind it is developing a pattern of the Net. The Web enables folks of any age to discover new things as well as different.

Furthermore, having various interests as well as experiences is not a hurdle to cougars dating affair. Alternatively, this could act as a catalyst to have a long time affair. Whenever there is a gap between their worldview, they might try and close the disparity by applying something new. It may ultimately add spice to their affair.

As a result, the next time when you take a seat in front of a zero cost cougar dating site in Australia or worldwide, be able to locate cougars with similar music preference or even somebody as daring as you.

cougar meeting


Young men are interested in cougars or cougar dating because there is no prerequisite for loyalty to an everlasting affair or even pressure from their older woman to marry her. Along with the intimate awakening that a cougar might induce, the young man might benefit from her dignity, psyche and logic as well.

Top 5 Cougar Dating App Reviews In The Google Play In 2018

Cougar dating has been catching up in popularity these days. There are so many of us who work day in and day out and so we ultimately like to relax at the end of a long day. So, if you too are looking to ignite the spark in your life, it is cougar dating that might help young men find solace in some gorgeous experienced older women.
This is precisely the logic behind cougar dating as too many young chaps and even old women are seeking such bond. So, you can find a massive surge in the number of cougar dating apps that have come up. Based on the reviews in the Google play store, we are going to talk of 5 of the top cougar dating apps and you can then decide the one you would like to log on to. If you’re using iPhone, you can also read the reviews of top 5 cougar dating app in App Store.

Top 1: Older women dating

older women dating app
One of the ace websites when it comes to cougar dating, this app definitely enjoys a lot of popularity. It has a lot of active members which means that it offers improved chances of finding the right prospective date.
You can avail the free or even the premium membership as well. The signup process can be a bit long but it is easy to follow. The details are needed to ensure that the members are legit or else it would defeat the whole logic behind the dating process.
The members have the option of adding pictures along with their profile which makes it a lot easier to decide whether you would like to have a potential match. There are quite a handful of people who have managed to secure their dates with the help of the app.
Easy to use and with the right search and filter options, the app definitely is one of the trendy choices for anyone who wants to try their hand at cougar dating.
>> Top Android Cougar Dating App

Top 2:Cougar life

cougar life app
The next app up for our consideration has to be cougar life. Founded back in 2006, it too has managed to climb the popularity charts quite well. The app is very well designed and you can also see who has viewed your profile as well. This is a great feature because many a times it helps people in spotting those who may be interested in them and speeds up the dating process. Further, there is also the option of finding who is interested in meeting tonight which is great for those who are looking for a quick hook up.
However, the site requires no ID proof for signing which means that you may run into a lot of fake profiles too. Further, it runs on a credit based system and almost all features would require a credit of some sorts which ends up making this app a little costlier to use. But it does have great success stories to share.

Top 3: OGOCougar

OGOCougar is mostly a like and match app and it is quite popular among a lot of people who love the concept of online dating.
It gives you the option of seeing through the profiles of the members of the site and you can even take a look at their profile pictures as well. Not only this, it also brings back the old chat room concept alive too and you can strike conversion with a potential date and see how it goes.
One of the attractive features of the app has to be the like book and this is a great way to spot someone’s love interests. It is also an exciting way to have some rocking fun. If you would like to enjoy the most of it and make full use of the app, we surely recommend going for the premium membership,

Top 4: CougarDatingHookup

cougar dating hookup
Known to be one of the feature rich apps, it comes with too many options even for those with free account as well. It is a lot more MILF friendly as compared to other rival apps. It was founded back in the year 2005 and it makes it a point to have older women unlike other sites which ends up having too many younger women.
However, the design of the site looks a bit old and needs omen updating at the earliest. The load time is also slow, but you have features like personalized flirts, rapid match and match if she is interested. These are all innovative features which have the users hooked. It is believed that there are as many as 1 million members on the site and you can find who is online to improve your chances of finding a date for the night.

Top 5: CougarDating

cougar dating
For all the cougar dating lovers out there, this is another app which comes replete with the best set of features. With a good free membership plan, you can have access to a lot of useful features.
It too has a lot of positive stories regarding how people managed to find their best date. You can see through the profile of different people and arrange a date after having a conversation. Of course, like most other apps, you have the premium membership plan if you want to access all the advanced features too.
So, these are some of the best cougar dating sites which can help you have the right kind of fun and younger men can find older women who look like a best match to them.
Based on the features and the details offered, you can decide which of the apps you would like to install and try your luck at. We hope you are successful in your quest of finding an apt match!

Top 5 Cougar Dating APP Reviews In App Store In 2018

Cougar dating is very popular these days and you can find too many people engaging in it. Of course, those who want to engage in cougar dating need to know some of the best sites which allow you to get the most out of cougar dating. While there are a handful of sites, it is knowing the reviews of the top cougar dating apps which will give you a head start into spotting the best one.

Here, we are going to review 5 of the best cougar dating apps and help you spot the ones which seem to be best suited to your need. However, before we do so, let us have a brief overview of what cougar dating is all about.

Cougar dating is primarily the art of dating wherein an older woman dates a younger man. There may or may not be some monetary benefits involved. Cougar dating with monetary benefits would make the woman sugar mommy.

So, what are the best apps for you to try your hands at cougar dating?

Top 1: Older Women Dating

older women dating app

This is a very old and popular app. It is under the ownership of succesfulMatch which in turn has been in the field of online dating for nearly 14 years and more.  This site enjoys a good amount of visitors and has a lot of popularity as well. Let us see some of the salient features of this dating site.

The sign-up process
The sign-up process is quite simple and sans any hassles, you can get on board in no time. They do require a handful of details but this is to validate your identity and make sure that the platform has legit members.

Quick searches
Even with the free membership plan, you get the option of quick search as you can look for the cougars near you. There are a lot of filters which you can use and you can even send winks to other profiles and you have the option of replying to emails too.

You have the option of adding pictures as this helps in being sure about who should date whom. It is pictures that help us in judging the personality of a person when dating online.

So, with these many features and more advanced features upon availing a membership, the app surely is a good choice for too many of us who want to indulge in cougar dating.
>>Top iPhone Cougar Dating App

Top 2: Cougar Life

cougar life app

Founded back in the year 2006, Cougar Life is a very popular choice among cougar dating enthusiasts. It does have the provision of the free membership but the membership comes with very limited features. The site is designed on the basis of credits which have to be purchased. Almost all features like interacting with others and even sending gift would require you to use the credits.

One of the standout features has to be the ‘find a date tonight’ button which helps you in spotting a cougar right away to have a good fun filled night. Also, it gives you a real-time notification when someone views your profile. This too can help in spotting someone who might be interested in you.

The downside, however, is that the site has no ID verification in place which means you might meet a lot of impostors here and the cost too is on the higher side.


cougary appAnother popular app, Cougar too comes packed with a lot of features. It isn’t as popular as the above two, but it is used by quite a handful of people in order to find the right match. With this app, you can easily sign up, add your details and get on board. The process isn’t tedious and even without the free membership; you will have access to some of the basic features too.
This app enjoys popularity for helping a lot of people spot the perfect date and have a good time together. Even the play store has positive reviews for it but then again, the extra cost which will be entailed can be quite a disadvantage.

So, you do have better options than this app as it seems to have lost its zing in recent times.

Cougar D

cougard appThis is a serious dating club which shows a lot of logged in users quite frequently.  It makes use of location-based technology and it also comes with the quick match feature as well. This helps in improving the chances of meeting someone in a very short while and having some quick fun.
VIP embers that are willing to pay a little money can enjoy better features and they can chat with the new matches without any kinds of restrictions whatsoever.  Further, there is also the option of viewing pictures and moments of other people and one can share their dating experience and get more likes too.

Overall, it is a great app which is ideal for anyone who is looking to be a part of the cougar dating experience.


i am naughty appBasically a like and match app, this app enjoys amazing popularity among a few segments of users. It is targeted mainly towards the broader base of singles who are looking to find a quick date.
It helps users in seeing through the different profiles and checking out their pictures, one can make a lot of new connections and there is also the option of joining chat rooms and starting a conversation too. The like book is a wonderful way to spot one’s love interests and indulge in some fun.

Of course, like most dating apps, those with the full membership option will get to enjoy a lot of advanced features too which includes sending mega likes to get enhanced attention and even watching the videos of other members and sharing pictures as well.

So, overall it is definitely an engaging way of finding a prospective date.

These are 5 of the top cougar dating apps that have managed to hog the limelight. Based on the reviews and the details you can decide as to which one seems to be your top pick.

Cougar Life Review

#1: Cougar Life

cougar life

No.1 Cougar Dating Site:

visit cougar site

Why is is the best, largest and most active cougar dating website for older women and younger men. There are millions of members seeking dating opportunities with hot cougars or young cubs. It is voted as the “Most Crazy Dating Website in the USA” and it has seen on lots of popular medias like CNN, Vanity Fair, Play Boy and USA Today. And even it has been on the TV series Cougar Town from ABC.

If you are a cougar woman who is looking for some hot, young guys who would be interested in dating or even if you are a guy who loves to date older women, Cougar Life is the site for you. When you are looking to make the most of cougar dating, this is one of the few legit sites which allow you to maximize your chances of finding the perfect cougar date. It’s easy to meet older women, divorcees, single sugar mommas and sexy mature singles looking for a young Stud!

Cougar Life is an authentic cougar site which offers some of the best features. There are a lot of users who register on the site regularly and they try their luck in this form of cougar life dating.

Cougar Life Features

To give you an overview of what this site offers and if it is promising enough, here is a wrap up of some of the best features which you can enjoy at this site.

Easy sign-up

If you are tired of finding sites wherein you need to full in just too many particulars that ultimately tire you and leaves you drained, you have every reason to be happy at Cougar Life. It is one of those sites which is easy to register at. You can quickly sign up at the site and fill in your particulars and get started. The process is really simple, quick and straight forward.

Efficient search

When it comes to searching the right matches, you will find that Cougar Life is surely one of the best sites. They have designed the site in an apt manner and allow you to use the advanced search filter as well. As a young boy looking for a cougar, you can enter the kind of woman you are looking for and then check the list which will be generated. The search algorithm applied at the site is definitely good enough as it returns the right set of results.

Further, you can use the apt set of keywords which will allow you to maximize the chances of finding the right date.

Keeping An Eye

Apart from this, Cougar Life also has one of the best features of actually showing you the new members who have recently joined the site. This is one of the finest ways of actually finding out new dates who could be great potentials for having a great time. You can see a notification on the dashboard for members who have recently joined and you can visit their profile and thereby initiate a chat to see how things go.

Ample members

For any cougar dating sites to be successful, it is important that the site has ample number of members or else finding a cougar date could be really hard. Cougar Life is one such site where you will be able to find a lot of numbers.

Both cougar women and young men can be found in abundance. The site has a strong system in place to filter out bots, spams and fake profiles. They make it a point to run a check on all profiles to ensure that their site is not infiltrated by spam profiles which are not even real person. This is what makes Cougar Life a great choice.

Cougar Life Membership

Cougar Life has an affordable membership plan. The cost of membership at the site is just $40. Not only this, all those who are looking to further reduce their cost of membership can avail special offers. Those who choose to opt for a 3 month pre-paid membership period; they can have the rates slashed to $29 per month. However, the payment for all three months will need to be done in advance.

Keeping in mind the kind of features which the site offers and the overall ease with which one can procure a date, the cost seems to be justified.

How Cougar Life works?

The working of the site is pretty simple and straightforward. Following are the steps which you need to follow.

  • 1.Register at the site by following in the particulars and choosing the membership plan which you deem to be fit.
  • 2.Once you have registered at the site, you can use the search toolbox to find out the top matches.
  • 3.Use different keyword and you can even specify the kind of cougar you are looking for.
  • 4.Go through the profiles of different members and find out if anyone seems to be interesting enough.
  • 5.Try to initiate a conversation when you see a profile that looks to be a good match
  • 6.Cougar date.These are the easy to follow steps which can help you spot a great date.

Cougar Life App

Cougar Life has two apps, one on the Google Play and the other on the Apple App Store as well. The app is available for free download, but you need to be above 17 years of age to download it. Further, there are various in-app purchases as well.

Cougar Life iOS App

cougar life appcougar life appcougar life appcougar life app

Cougar Life Android App

cougar life app android

With over 5 million members and someone new joining every 20 seconds, Cougar Life is one of the fastest growing online dating sites in the world! It’s no wonder we were featured on Playboy, Fox News, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.


Maybe because we’re 100% FREE for women. That’s right, women can use all the features of Cougar Life absolutely free. And now for a limited time, men can join Cougar Life and send messages up to 3 different women for FREE!


WOMEN – Recent divorcees, single moms who are stuck at home and singles in their prime!

MEN – Anyone who is looking to meet any of the above women!

Download the Cougar Life App for FREE and view men and women near you looking to meet up today!

There are two subscription choices available within the App:
• 1 month subscription: $49.99
• 3 month subscription: $99.99

All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD) and may vary in countries outside the U.S.

• The initial subscription is an in-app purchase tied to your iTunes account.
• Your account will be charged every subscription period, depending on your original choice (one or three months).
• Auto-renewal can be turned off easily through the iTunes App Store.

app storeGoogle Play

Editor reviews

Overall, cougar life is a well designed cougar dating website which comes with a flurry of features the design of the site is neat and minimalistic. The overall navigation is smooth. There are a lot of complains about fake profiles and spams at Cougar Life but the administrators of the site believes that they have a stringent check on the profiles which allows them to filter out such unwanted profile.

The site does have a lot of success stories to boast of as both men and hot cougars have managed to find a great date. You can specify the kind of relationship you are looking for and go with the flow.

The site seems to be a great place for people who are willing to try out cougar dating because the ratio of both men and women is quite balanced. The membership fee seems to be good enough to try out things. It is one of the top rated cougar dating sites which really has a lot to offer and is definitely a good choice to consider.

Make sure to go through the profiles thoroughly to be sure that you are dating a real person and not a bot!s

Visit the Five Stars No.1 Cougar Dating Site:>>

visit cougar site

Go Cougar Review

#4: Go Cougar

Go Cougar Review

No.4 Cougar Dating Site: Go Cougar

visit cougar site is one of the top cougar websites that has been specializing in this service since a long time. They come with a lot of different features and overall the reviews for the site have been very inspiring. It is one of the best sites for all those who are looking for hot and young guys to date. Similarly hot men looking to date an older woman can try their luck at this cougar dating site too.

Go Cougar Features

Go comes with a promising set of features. Let us take a look at some of them to find out how good they really are.

Good number of members

At Go Cougar, you will always find a lot of members. This site has a promising number of members and it professes that new members which includes both cougars and young boys end up joining the site regularly. So, no matter whether you are on the lookout for cougars or even young boys, feel free to try your luck at the site.

Easy sign up

When you try and make your profile at Go Cougar, you will find that the whole process is really simple and sans hassles. It is easy to create your profile on the site and you can join in a few minutes. Of course, you will need to fill in a few particulars and it is expected that you will do them accurately.

Cougar Forums and discussions

There are plenty of forums and discussions which you can join. In these forums and discussions, you will be able to get a lot of useful tips and ideas which will help you make the most out of cougar dating. So, you should try and participate in these forums and discussions and this will allow you to bond with other people and you may even get lucky with finding the right dates as well.

Easy searching

When you are making a profile at Go Cougar, the primary aim is to find the right searches. It pays to know that this site allows you to easily and quickly find out potential dates. You can look at the different profiles. There are ample search tools which are available and these can be used for the sake of finding out different member profiles. Quicker and efficient search tools infer that it will be a lot easier to find the right potential matches whom you can date.

Checking mutual ratings

Go cougar comes with a lot of exciting features too. You can find a hot or not feature which allows you to give reviews and rating to the different profile images. This helps in finding if the feeling between two people is mutual or not. This is an engaging tool to look at other profiles and rate how food they are.

Advance features

Like most other cougar dating sites, this one too comes with a series of advanced features. For those who enjoy a premium membership, they will be able to access a lot of advanced features which is going to help them make the most of the profiles. You can also check the albums and even other photos on the profiles and do a lot more as well. There is a provision for online chatting too which helps in taking a date forward.

Go Cougar Membership

The standard membership at the site is free. However when you are looking to unlock advanced features, you will need a premium membership.

Make it a point to check out the latest details of the membership cost. If you opt for a longer period, you will definitely need to pay a lot less. The membership fee per month is $9.95, $25.95 for 3 months and just $49.95 for 6 months.

How Go Cougar Works?

If you are wondering as to how the site works, here are some simple tips to get you started.

  • 1.Create your free profile at the site. If you are willing to make some investment, you can choose to opt for paid membership as well.
  • 2.After deciding upon your membership plan, you should next consider the profile information. You have to be sure about the profile you are looking to fill. Make it a point to add in the right particulars that can help you give a clear picture to your prospective dates.
  • 3.Now, starts the searching part. You will need to extensively search for the right candidates. Make the most of the different keywords and then try and see if there are profiles that interest you.
  • 4.Send winks to profiles you like or even initiate emails. You can see though the pictures and gauge an idea of how likely you are to like the profile.

Go Cougar App?

You can access all features at the website. There is no cougar dating app currently for the site And even you don’t have a good experience when you visit the website through your smart phone.

Editor Reviews

Overall, one can say that the site has a positive appeal. The ratings and reviews for the site are fairly positive. There are a lot of cougars on the site and the chances of procuring a date are high.

The overall design is commendable and the feature list and site navigation seems to be great too. The cost of membership justifies the kind of features you can get when registering for a premium membership. The support offered by Go Cougar is quite impressive. The support staff is brilliant and they try their best to get to their problems at the earliest.

Using this site should offer you no difficulty and it should be quite easy to navigate from one page to another and establish and initiate a conversation easily. The online chatting provision in addition makes it easier to analyze if you should take the date ahead.

How to Date a Cougar in San Antonio?

When you are in San Antonio, it is not very hard to date a cougar that are on the lookout for hotter and younger men. If you too are looking to seek a cougar woman who would be interested in dating with young guys like you, here is your tiny little guide which is sure to come in handy.

San Antonio Cougar Dating

How to Date a Cougar in San Antonio

1.Pubs, discs and more

You need to know the right places where you can find San Antonio cougars. Cougars are mainly elder women who want to date younger and hotter men. As discotheques and pubs are mostly frequented by younger guys, cougars too are spotted there in abundance. So, heading to pubs and disc late in night might seem to be a great idea. There are some famous cougar bars like Stone Werks Big Rock Grille, Silo Elevated Cuisine & Bar, Thirsty Horse Saloon, Martini’s and Piatti.

2.Chain connections

If you know someone who is dating a cougar in San Antonio, you should make it a point to spread the chain. Ideally, the odds are high that a cougar would know a fellow cougar or at least can give you some significant inputs as to where you can find them in San Antonio. So, make full use of these chain connections and talk to the cougars to know potentially available local cougars. Lots of cougar singles have found their matches through their friends.

3.Get the facts right

Once you have found a cougar woman in San Antonio, it is important to set the ground rules for dating. In order to avoid any kind of issues later on, you should make it a point to talk about the expectations from your relationship. Owing to the age difference, the two of you may have different needs, demands and expectations from your relationship. So, it is important to get the facts right at the very start.

4.Multi-timing is not advised

It is mostly not advised to double date or even multi-date. Sometimes cougars are looking for just a causal fling and they may not be interested much in a very serious affair. However, even then unless you both are really in an open relationship, it is best to avoid multi-timing.

5.Explore new things

When you are in San Antonio, there is no dearth of things to see and places to explore. So, take your San Antonio cougar to different places and spend time enjoying things. Of course, it is upon you to decide which way you would like to spend time with them. The idea is to make sure that both you and your cougar date have some great time being with each other.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when you are looking to date a cougar in San Antonio and even spend some time with them. Cougar dating has been in vogue for quite some time now as there are a lot of young men who desire to date older and successful women who are willing to take up there thrill of some wild rides and hot swings.

As long as a cougar woman is exciting enough to help you enjoy, you have very reason to try your hand at dating them. Try your luck and have some wicked fun.

Cougar dating app for older women younger men

Cougar dating is getting more and more popular and there are younger men and older women that are using the cougar dating sites, to chat on. However, with most of the online cougar dating sites, you can’t use the site on your tablet or smartphone.You can only use the dating site on your computer or PC. Even though some cougar sites have a version of mobile optimized website, users won’t have a positive user experience because it’s more slow than apps. This is where the cougar dating apps for older women and younger men are coming in. Here are some of the other benefits that you can enjoy when you are using these apps.

The Benefits of Cougar Dating Apps

cougar dating app

1. More choices when you date a cougar

There are many people that don’t use computers anymore. They are only using tablets, iPads or even just their smartphones. This is because of the fact that these devices are just as modern as computers and can do the same things.

This means that there are some people that are not able to use the websites, because they don’t have computers. With the cougar dating apps, they will now, have the freedom to be able to chat with younger men or with cougars, no matter what device they are using.

2. Chat with sexy cougar anytime and anywhere

Another important benefit of using a cougar dating app for chatting to cougars or to younger men, is that you will really be able to chat wherever you might be. You don’t need to be home, in front of your computer to be able to talk to anyone.

With the cougar dating app, you can talk any place, any time. You can see who wants to chat to you, and you can also see incoming messages, without any problems.

3. Don’t miss out on a conversation with your cougar

As we know, the apps have a very important feature notification which will help you keep in contact with your cougar or cub singles anytime. So you won’t miss out any important messages and reply the incoming messages as soon as possible. When it comes to using the cougar dating app, you don’t need to miss out on any conversation that could lead to a relationship. It happens sometimes that there comes a message through on your computer, but because you are not at home, in front of your computer, you miss the message.

By the time that you are seeing the message the other person isn’t interested anymore. This is what is so great about using the app. With this app, you will not be able to miss out on any messages, because the app will let you know about any incoming messages. You will also be able to respond immediately, so the other person doesn’t have to wait for hours before you are able to reply. You can even browse through the possible profiles when you are bored, or if you are not at home and looking to start a conversation with someone.

If you are using the cougar dating app for meeting and chatting to cougars, you will be able to chat to them, any time, any place and any kind of device. You don’t have to sit at home and be in front of your computer throughout the day, to be able to chat online at cougar dating sites. The cougar dating app will give you access to the sites, without you being in front of your computer.

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How to make cougar dates online a success

Dating cougar online can be really fun, but hard work. There’s so many rules that you should remember, so that you have the best chance of having a great cougar relationship. When you’re thinking about starting to date a cougar online, successfully, you need to make use of a great cougar dating site. Here’s some things that you can do to make sure that you’re a cougar dating online is a success.

1.Your hobbies and preferences

It is always tempting to adjust your profile, according to the cougar’s profile that you like. So, that it might seem that you’re having great things in common. However, sooner or later, she is going to find out that you weren’t telling the truth about your hobbies and preferences.

If you really want to find the best possible match for you, you need to make sure that you’re telling the truth about your hobbies and what you like to do in life. If you’re telling the truth, you will have the best chance to make cougar dates online a success.

2.The photo of your profile

Many men like to post pictures of them with other girls. This isn’t the thing to do, if you’re in the process of dating a cougar online. You need to edit the picture and make sure that you can’t see that you’re with other women. You don’t want to come off looking like a player.

cougar dating onlineCougars don’t like players who like hanging around women and like posting for photos of women. Also don’t edit your photo in a way that you’re looking different from the way that you’re actually looking. It isn’t a great idea to lie about how you’re looking. The moment that they realize you’re lying with how you really look, you will not be able to date a cougar online successfully. You will be known as a liar.

3.Giving real compliments

Giving real compliments is really important. Even if you’re dating a cougar online. If you’re video chatting you can tell her that she is looking pretty and that you really like what you see. But, please don’t be cheesy and don’t use the cheesy pick-up lines.

Make sure that you’re giving real, legit compliments that will make her feel good about herself. It will most definitely make her like you even more. A man that can give real compliments is rare, and they know it.

4.Don’t wait for her to call you

So many cubs are thinking that the cougars will call them, if they are interested. But, women are always waiting for the men to call first. And, the same goes for cougars. They might be much older than you, but they are still women who will wait for the first call.

It can be great fun to date a cougar online, but if you want to be more successful in dating cougars online, then you should make sure that you’re knowing everything there is to know about successfully dating cougars online. There’s some things that you just don’t do when you’re going out with a cougar, even when you’re dating online.