Best Cougar Dating Spots In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the coolest cities to live in California, United States. There are too many people busy in their own life and yet you can find plenty of spots perfect to seek a dating opportunity with cougar women if you’re a young guy who’re interested in the age gap relationship. Cougar dating is one of the common dating styles for those sexy older women and hot younger men in LA. If you are on the lookout for some of the best Los Angeles cougar dating spots so that younger men could meet an older successful woman or vice –versa, you have come to the right cougared club.
los angeles cougar dating

Where to Date a Cougar in Los Angeles

Let us show you some of the best spots in Los Angeles where you can have an absolutely amazing time.

1.The slip bar and eatery

Located near the Redondo Beach, this bar is often the right pace to catch some cougars in action. Make sure to keep an eye out on people and you can sense what they are looking for. When you are here, swing at the pub and catch some beer because it is worth it.

2.The bigfoot lodge

Located near the Los Feliz Blvd, this is one of those places where not only will you find a cougar, but you are likely to be laid as well. Arrive at this lodge and be prepared for some amazing wild ride. Frequented often by too many cougars, be set for an exciting time.

3.Tiki-ti cocktail lounge

Located near the sunset Bvld, this is yet another amazing cougar dating spots in LA. The atmosphere is crazy and exciting and you are likely to spot some cougars who would be equally interested in you. Try your luck with a point of beer.


Located right next to Cole’s, this is yet another tiny restaurant and wine bar where you can hope to bump into a few cougars. This place is known for its amazing ambience and you can keep your fingers crossed on being lucky and finding the best cougars who would like to date you. Don’t forget to taste some of the most delicious wine when you are here.

5.Johnny’s bar

Located on the York Blvds, this is one place you shouldn’t miss. If you want to get lucky both with a date and some beer, this is great for hanging out with your friends as well and you can catch too many hot cougars in action. Ideally, swing in on a Tuesday night to make the most out of happy hour.

These are five of the best places where you are most likely to find cougars when you are traveling in LA. Of contuse, the city is known for the bars and pubs and cougars can be found in abundance here. Make the right network and polish your skills on how you can hit on them and grab a cougar date. Except those local dating places, online cougar dating sites seem to be the most effective places where you could hunt cougars successfully.

With these quick places, you are most likely to meet your best mature women. Los Angeles cougar dating is trending with more and more younger men looking to seek the company of older women or older women seeking younger men. So, go out and try your luck! Of course, you could live a different life once you date a local cougar in LA . It’s worthy mention that California is the most popular state for interracial dating. And you have more chances to date a cougar from different races.